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rising from the ashes of the 1980’s Mod culture comes a modern-day story of five undying friendships stained by gangland violence, loss and bloody revenge...

This Way Of Life Feature Film - Sizzle Reel

This Way Of Life Feature Film - Sizzle Reel

Behind the scene stills of the sizzle reel for the upcoming feature with supporting track Umm from the forthcoming Album


More than forty years ago two teenage Mods, Spencer Wilder and Martin Porter, were finishing their Comprehensive School education in Gravesend, Kent. Where ‘living the dream’ seemed to hold far more importance than focusing on the years to come. 

Many moons later, and with the love for the Modernist scene remaining as strong as ever, a promise once made between them to write a film encompassing some of their youthful exploits was finally born.

"We grew up living in broken times. Where the social unrest of the 1980’s had reshaped the whole country.  Around every corner there seemed to be yet another cataclysm being shown on our TV screens. So, who'd have thought we’d now be looking back at those days with fondness and respect! For in reality, it’s those heady days of our youth that made us who we are today..."